26 October 2009

Welcome to Conception 101

For some, the journey to pregnancy and parenthood is a effortless one. Some women get pregnant every time they take off their clothes, some get pregnant the day after they go off the pill, and some get pregnant during the first cycle they try. Then there are women like me, who take for granted what they believe are God-given, mother-bearing rights. Achieving conception is a complicated process that takes into account so many different factors. I know; I've researched and read everything under the sun to better understand what takes place in order to make conception possible.

I took all that I have read and researched and put it down here for you to get all the answers you need. This website was designed to give you a one-stop look at every aspect of conception in a clear, detailed, and precise manner that doesn't take a PhD or medical dictionary to understand.

I am not a doctor; I am simply one woman who learned the hard way that getting pregnant doesn't just happen at the snap of your fingers. But I have done years of research and collected a plethora of information to better guide you in your endeavors. Take a look around the website; I have broken down the information into smaller, easier-to-read articles on single subjects, included reading lists for fertility and pregnancy, and thrown in tons of other "stuff" to help you on your journey. I invite feedback and personal stories, questions and comments. I hope that finding this website is the beginning of a miracle for you and your partner!

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